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Just Words – business consultancy & copy

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I have helped small start-ups and large companies needing to focus on future direction.

My business plans have helped the companies I’ve worked with to raise finance – from thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

I will research your business thoroughly and intelligently, helping you to focus on any potential problems. My aim is to answer all the questions an investor will ask you… before they get the chance.

I will research your potential marketplace and take a good, hard look at your competitors to find their flaws.

I can produce cost-effective template-based plans for your bank manager; or tailor-made presentations for your private equity investors.

Please contact me for more information on how I can help your business!

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“Very good job, I would recommend.”

Business consultancy and competitor analysis for startup in the mobile advertising sector.

“Very responsive and clear. Worked extremely hard to understand a fairly complex offering. Tried to be creative and constructive in her criticism.

“Very pleasant and easy to work with. I would use her again unhesitatingly. Very good value for money.”

Business consultancy and business plan writing for international investment company

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Business plan writing

I provide business plans and focused market research for companies looking either to focus on a new direction or to gain funding. I have enabled many businesses to get off the ground through focusing on their strengths and unique selling points in their marketplace.


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Business research & analysis

My work with businesses frequently involves detailed competitor analysis as well as rigorous questioning of all aspects of the proposed business to establish its viability.

This includes a detailed analysis of the sector as well as future trends and constraints.


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